These eight signals appear after smoking cessation, indicati

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These eight signals appear after smoking cessation, indicati

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The first signal: dizziness,Click best online vape store - VapingCIg

Smoking will cause the brain to be in a state of long-term hypoxia. After quitting smoking, the brain will gradually return to normal conditions. However, due to the long-term lack of oxygen in the body and the normal state of being unsuited for a while, symptoms of dizziness may occur.

The second signal: the amount of rice is getting bigger,Click smok alien 220w

After the smoker quits, all aspects of the body's function will recover, especially the recovery of taste and recovery of the digestive system. Therefore, many smokers will increase their appetite and gain weight after quitting smoking. The best way to control your weight is to use a combination of alizarin and a reasonable diet to adapt your body to the state of recovery. Don't give up smoking for weight loss.

The third signal: low mood,Click Best Vaping Community--Worldvaping

The main ingredient in cigarettes is nicotine. The longer a smoker smokes, the more the brain is stimulated by nicotine, and the more dependent the body is on nicotine. To quit smoking is to let the body get rid of this dependence, the body will naturally protest, so there will be signs of depression. But this also means that you are getting rid of nicotine's control little by little and returning to the normal human body.

The fourth signal: shaking hands and feet

When a smoker quits, the body no longer consumes nicotine. The residual nicotine in the body will also be excreted with the metabolism a little bit, and the body will appear some uncomfortable, and the shaking of the hands and feet is only one of them.

The fifth signal: general weakness

When smoking, not only the brain will be in anoxic state, but even the limbs will be in a state of chronic hypoxia. After quitting smoking, the limbs are no longer lack of oxygen, then there will be a temporary phenomenon of general weakness. As long as the body has passed the adaptation period, you will find that the body is more energetic than ever.

Sixth signal: cough

After quitting smoking, the lung function will gradually recover, the cilia of the lungs will start working again, clean the foreign body of the lungs, and the large amount of mucus produced by the lungs during smoking will gradually be excreted, and coughing and spitting will be The excretion of these mucus is a normal physiological response. When the mucus is drained, the symptoms of cough and spit will disappear.

Seventh signal: Inattention

Many smokers respond with a feeling of erraticness after quitting smoking. It's like the brain has not been controlled by itself. In fact, this is also a manifestation of the brain's ability to get rid of nicotine control and adapt to a new state. This symptom is medically called drunk oxygen. As long as the brain adapts to a state without nicotine, it will return to normal.

The eighth signal: insomnia

Harmful ingredients in cigarettes can inhibit the function of the brain. After quitting smoking, the harmful ingredients in the cigarette have no chance to inhibit the brain, and the brain will return to normal. Therefore, the brain will be in a state of excitement in a short period of time, and insomnia will occur. When the brain adapts to a new state, sleep will return to normal, sleep quality
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